Olympic Lifting Near Broome County

SONA offers Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting programs for members who can’t get enough of the barbell. We have programs for adult and youth athletes looking to improve strength, explosive speed and mobility.

Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting is the only barbell sport in the Olympics. It consists of the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Strength, Speed and mobility are crucial to success in these lifts. SONA Weightlifting has a team of USAW certified coaches ready to train you to improve your olympic lifting technique. We offer dedicated classes throughout the week to help you perfect your snatch and clean and jerk. If you are looking to compete in the sport of weightlifting, SONA is also home to the SONA Weightlifting team. SONA Weightlifting is an affiliated USAW club and competes in numerous local and national competitions throughout the year.


Powerlifting is a sport dedicated to three barbell lifts. The Back Squat, the Bench Press, and the Deadlift. Our team of coaches will teach you these lifts as well as a variety of proven accessory lifts to help you get as strong as possible in a fun and safe environment.

Little Lifters

Introducing youth athletes to the Olympic lifts has many benefits that carry over into the sports that children commonly participate in. Our coaches teach our youth lifters the fundamentals of moving athletically and safely in a controlled environment. Technique and fun are the main focus of this program!

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