Fitness & Nutrition


Depending on your unique goals, our FuelSONA coaches work with you with a macro-based method, habit-based method, or a combination of both, focusing on a holistic approach to nutrition, mindset, exercise, stress management, sleep, support system and lifestyle.

When working with our nutrition and fitness professionals, you work 1:1 with a nutrition coach to create a customized plan just for you!


SONA is the home of CrossFit SONA, FIRE Bootcamp.


Our indoor cycling classes are ideal for people of all levels of fitness and experience, whether you are new to exercise or a regular gym junkie! The joy of indoor cycling is that you are in complete control at all times using a resistance dial on your individual bike.

LiftSONA & LiftSONA Youth

Fuel your passion for the barbell at SONA, where adults and young athletes can dive into the exciting world of Olympic weightlifting. We offer structured programs designed to boost your strength, explosive speed, and mobility, regardless of your age or experience level.

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